Tropical Plants for Sale that Will Beautify Your Summer Garden

Summer time is coming and it is time to hunt for some tropical plants for sale to beautify your garden. Of course it will be more fun to grow your own plants and witness them bloom in the summer. However, most tropical plants are very hard to grow. It takes a long time to grow them and without proper technique and care it is possible that your effort might not be successful. But don’t let it discourage you. You can still buy your favorite tropical plants and put them in your summer garden. Tropical plants are colorful so you need to mix and match the color well to unite everything perfectly. Here are some tropical plants that will instantly make your garden more exquisite.


begonia tropical plants

The first tropical plants for sale you need to purchase is Begonia. Begonia is the ultimate tropical flower and your summer garden won’t be complete without this pretty flower. This flower comes mostly in pink and white. But since this is summer, pink will suit your garden the best. Begonia flower is normally small in size and the stem can grow from around 6 inches to 3 feet. If you want to showcase the bright color of this flower, it is best if you go with Angelwing Begonia. The flower size is medium and it is surrounded by huge leaves that resemble wings. Even though this is a perfect summer flower, you cannot put it in direct sunlight for too long because the leaves can be burnt easily.

Lemon Tree

lemon tree plants

You already have pink, now you need some yellow in the garden. The best tropical plants for sale with bright yellow color you can get is definitely lemon tree. Lemon tree can grow very tall up to 4 or 5 feet. But if you want to buy some to spice up your garden, you can buy the smaller potted tree or even arrange them in a hanging basket.

Brugnasia Hybrid (Angel’s Trumpet)

Brugnasia Hybrid angel trumpet

The next tropical plants for sale you must have is Brugnasia Hybrid, or is also famously called Angel’s Trumpet. This flower resembles a long trumpet and it will be a perfect patio decoration. Actually, this flower can grow very tall up to 32 or 33 feet. But if you purchase it in a container, it is best to keep it small around 4 to 5 feet so the growth during the summer can be very optimal. Angel’s Trumpet is really special because it will spread sweet fragrant all over your garden.



Anthurium is one of the most beautiful plants on earth. But unfortunately, trying to grow this plant can be very difficult. That is why you should immediately purchase Anthurium when you are looking for tropical plants for sale. Actually with a proper care, Anthurium can bloom all year long. But the unique shape and the daring color makes this plant really perfect for summer. Anthurium adapts well in summer but you need to make sure that the temperature goes around 15 degrees Celsius and the soil is always damp and moist.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant
You have some flowers and even a lemon tree. Now, you need some greenery to make the look of your garden complete. The best thing about Spider Plant is it is very cheap and it doesn’t require a lot of care. The different shades of green on the leaves also make a really great variation. Make sure you put the pot on a bright place but keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from browning. Don’t forget to buy this plant when you are looking for tropical plants for sale to make your garden looks fresh even under the heat.