Tips on How to Get Interactive Kitchen Design

Nowadays, it’s not only important to have ergonomic kitchen, but also the interactive kitchen design as well. The interactive kitchen itself aims in making a warm space to gather and also an area which enable you to do many activities in the most comfortable way. By then, the key in building up interactive kitchen design is by ensuring its fluidity. If you still find the idea is a little bit abstract and confusing here are some guidance to attain an interactive kitchen design.

interactive kitchen
The Principles of Interactive Kitchen Design

The interactive kitchen holds at least several principles which you have to work on with in the designing process, such as:
1. The interactive kitchen design enables someone who prepare the cook to be able to see the other persons who wait them easily
2. The interactive kitchen design shall allow the dining together activity.
3. The interactive kitchen design must not limit us to do only kitchen’s jobs, it should let us do other job, such as, monitoring the activity of our kids in the areas surrounding it.
4. The interactive kitchen design shall minimize any activity which let us to face the wall, so we can interact with the friends and family.

The Ergonomic Aspects in Interactive Kitchen Design

Interactive and Ergonomic Kitchen
Even if modern kitchen put the concern on the interactive design, it will only become perfect if you don’t put aside the ergonomic aspects when you’re planning the blueprint. Here are several ergonomic aspects which will be suitable for your interactive kitchen design.
– Health Aspect
The counter and kitchen island should be customized as the height of user who works in the kitchen the most, instead of taking the common size from the manufacturer. It aims to maintain the ideal posture of the cook. For example, the height of counter for stove should be based on anthropometry which is 70 cm.
– Security Aspect
The storage for sharp tools and fragile utensils should be differentiated. To anticipate the gas exploding, it should be put not too close from the stove and there should be adequate air duct.

Designing Interactive and Ergonomic Kitchen

interactive kitchen designAfter considering the principle of interactive kitchen design and the ergonomic aspects, so we get the layout idea for your kitchen. Here you should plan the kitchen to stay near or even to share the space with living room. The placement for the counter, cabinet and island should minimize the activity which demands you to turn your back from the front-open side.
If you apply this configurations, at least there are some advantages for you
1. Those who are cooking or doing other activities in kitchen are still able to look for their kids, teach kids cooking, even watching television which is in the living room.
2. The lighting can be shared with the one in living room.
3. The other family members or friends in the living room may be more interested to help doing the kitchen works.

Interactive Kitchen Design Tools

After having the guidance on creating ergonomic and interactive kitchen design, you probably don’t have to employ interior designer to help you. You can save more money by following the guidance and searching for inspirations in the internet. To help you design it, now there are not only several design software which enables you to design an empty room with its interactive tools, but also the online design application provided by the furniture supplier companies. There, you can join the customizing process of your dream interactive kitchen design by drawing the layout, choosing the furniture items and having the consultation with the interior design experts from the suppliers in a package.