How to Build Kitchen Cabinets in 5 Easy Ways

How to Build Kitchen Cabinets
Learning how to build kitchen cabinets is actually very easy. It will be very satisfying to finally make something useful for your kitchen. Moreover, you can build something matches your kitchen really well that you cannot find in the stores. With the right technique and material, the cost can be much cheaper too. As good as it may be, building a kitchen cabinet can also be pretty challenging for beginners. Maybe you don’t know which one you should do first, or you can’t seem to figure out the most perfect design for your kitchen cabinets. But don’t give up just yet because in this article, you can find some tips and step by step guide that will help you starting your kitchen cabinet project.

5 Steps to Build Kitchen Cabinets

1. Create Your Design
The first thing you have to do when you are learning how to build kitchen cabinets is to make the fixed design. Do not move to the next steps before you decide how you want your kitchen cabinets to look like. Making a design is not only about style. It is also the time to make proper measurement and to choose the best material. Since you want to make the cabinets by yourself, choose a material that can be easy to cut like wood, laminate or plywood. Plan your work range carefully so the cabinets can be installed easily once it is finished.
2. Measure and Cut the Panels

cabinet panel
Now we move to the actual work. The next step we have to do on how to build kitchen cabinets is to cut the panels. Consult to your design and measure the wood properly. To make sure everything is in the same size, use one panel you already cut as the direction to cut the other panels. You need to be careful and make sure all the panels come in the same size to prevent any difficulties when you start to assemble them.



3. Doors and Drawers

kitchen cabinets
Doors and drawers will be very important for your cabinets. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part to make in this project. If you are experienced, you can play with glass to make the door more interesting. But if you don’t, making a simple door without any carvings or decoration is alright too. You can decorate the door by adding beautiful knobs that match the overall style of your kitchen. If making a door is too difficult, you can go with open cabinet style for your kitchen.
4. Assemble and Secure the Parts
This is the most important part on how to build kitchen cabinets. Prepare the panels, the door hinges, the hammer and some nails. First of all, you need to assemble the base first and attach it to the side panels. Use some necessary tools to help you get perfect 90 degrees angles. After the base is fixed, move to the upper part and finally close the back side of the cabinets with thin panels. After everything is set, you can start attaching the door to the cabinets.
5. Choose the Best Finishing


Many people take this step for granted and even miss it altogether. However, if you want to create the best cabinets for your kitchen, you really should apply some good finishing. Finishing will make your cabinets look new and elegant. Moreover, it will also protect your cabinets and make it lasts longer. Polished cabinets always look ten times better and it will definitely make your kitchen looks stand out and exquisite.



Additional Tips

1. Match the Overall Style
cabinet kitchen

After you learn how to build kitchen cabinets and all the technical things, you still need to remember to match the cabinets with the overall style of your kitchen. It doesn’t mean that you must go with the same color tone or similar material. Variation can do your kitchen good but you still need to harmonize every single element even to the details. Choose the knobs and pulls for the doors and drawers carefully because the smallest details can make big difference to your kitchen.
2. Buy the Doors and Drawers
Building a cabinet is actually a piece of cake. But making the doors and drawers can be very challenging. The doors and drawers are the place where you can put some carvings as decoration, but it can be really hard to make them by yourself, especially since you are a DIY-ers and you just don’t possess all the necessary tools. To make sure that all the drawers and doors come in the right size and the best decoration, it is best if you just order it from a shop. It is easier and you can also focus on making the other elements perfect. Now that you know how to build kitchen cabinets and solve the door problems, you can start your project now and finish it easily.