How Choose the Right Counter Height Kitchen Table Sets

Counter height kitchen table sets are important part of our kitchen, especially the open layout one. Thus, the table and the seating have to be perfect. We cannot just choose the good looking one. There are more things to consider, especially the structure and the height. The table sets should be safe, comfortable, and decorative. There is a simple guide to help us choosing the perfect counter height kitchen table sets.

Choose the Right Height

Since we are looking for a set of height kitchen table, the first thing we should consider is the height itself. How high the seating we want? There are at least two types of high seating, the chair bar and the counter height. Both can be the right choice. It depends on the height of the counter table. The ideal stools or chairs’ height is in between 9 – 13 inches lower than the table. This distance allows you to sit comfortably while enjoying your meal.

counter height kitchen table setsIf we really need to have counter stools for the counter height kitchen table sets, we might have to design the counter just as high as the common dining table. Most chair stool heights are around 18 inches from the seat to floor. They would be perfect seating for a counter or table with 28 0 30 inches of height. Some people would love to have simpler seating with counter stools. The counter stools sold in most shops are commonly 24 – 26 inches from the seat to floor. It is an ideal height for a counter or simple table with 36 – 29 inches of height.
If you want more bar-like kitchen or want to save more space, you can even replace the counter stools with bar stools. It is likely to be easier for us to find bar stools with various kind of height. Let’s say your counter top or dining table is designed to resemble a bar with 40 – 42 inches counter or table. It is the ideal kitchen bar. You can easily find the bar stools with 28 – 30 inches of height from the seat to floor. You can easily find various kind of bar stools with different height especially if you are looking for the wooden stools.

counter height kitchen table

Determine the size

It is very important for us to choose the counter height kitchen table sets that fits to our kitchen dimension and size. The dining space should be able to accommodate enough space for people in the family as well as fit to the kitchen. Before choosing any style, we have to determine how many stools we need. Every stools should be placed with 21 – 22 inches for the space between every stool. We can have wider space for the stools or chairs with arms. It means we have to install the counter stool that is fit to the kitchen and arrange the stools as many as the counter can host.

The Structure and Material

Another thing we have to consider is the structure and material of the table set are the structure and the material. Wood is the safest and the most common material. We do not have to worry about slippery stools when we choose wooden stools. We just need to focus on the structure to make sure the stools are comfortable. However, if we choose metals, glass, or granite counter top and materials, we have to check the bottom of the stools. Make sure it comes with non-slipper material such as rubber or soft plastic.

The Best Style for a Perfect Kitchen

At last, we have to choose the best style for our perfect kitchen. To choose the best style, first we have to pay attention on the dimension and the size of the kitchen. If our kitchen has narrow corridor or it is a busy kitchen, a backless seating would be perfect. The back-less stools for counter height kitchen table sets take minimum space. It also looks simple so, it will not overwhelm the counter tops. There are various designs of back-less stools. You can choose materials, colors, and details that go with your kitchen. Here is a simple trick for you, wooden stools are neutral and go with any theme of kitchen decoration. It can be your last call.

kitchen table setsOn the other hand, if you have a large kitchen or love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to gather with your family and friends while enjoying meal, a lounge seating style would be the best. A stool with broad back and deep seating would be the most comfortable chair for your kitchen counterpart. For the most comfortable deep seating, we should consider simple cushion and higher seating than back-less stools so we can sit comfortably. Make sure the counter height kitchen table sets also do not take too much space in your kitchen.