House and Garden Nutrients and Some Gardening Tips to Grow the Healthiest Plants

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If you are a gardening enthusiast, House and Garden Nutrients is definitely a product you know by heart. This brand of fertilizer and premium nutrients has helped us grow strong and healthy plants for our beautiful garden. But as an avid gardener, you know that additive is not the only factor that will make your plants grow well. The most important factor is you as the gardener. You need to have the right knowledge about the plants, the growth medium as well as additional supplements that will make your plants healthier. So, to help you grow the healthiest and the most beautiful plants in your garden, here are some tips that will be beneficial for you.

Prepare the Soil Properly

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The most important thing in gardening is of course the medium that is soil. You need to prepare the soil properly with the help of some products from House and Garden Nutrients because the soil will be the source of nutrients for the plants. First of all, you need to find out what kind of soil will be suitable for the flowers or vegetables you want to plant. If you want something that drains easily to plant carrots, corns or Hibiscus, sandy soil is the best option. But if you want to plant something that needs soil with high moisture level, it is best if you go with silty soil. After that, you should buy a simple soil test kit to find out the pH level of the soil.
Don’t forget to strengthen the soil with House and Garden Nutrients before planting the next batch of plants. This is very important because the plants will take the nutrients from the soil and at some point, it will exhaust the soil. If you don’t do this, the soil will be lacked of nutrients and it will produce bad crops.

Understand the Basic of Fertilizing

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Now you know that fertilizing the soil is important, it is time to find out how to fertilize the soil in the right way. It is very tricky but you need to make sure the amount of fertilizer and fertilizing technique will match the plant needs, the soil type as well as the overall climate in the area.

Some plants like turnip and peas will grow well with a simple light fertilizing because they grows very easily in all condition. But in the other hand, some vegetables like broccoli and kale need more meticulous treatment and. Those vegetables grow very rapidly so they exhaust the soil easily, thus heavy fertilizing will be needed. You really cannot miss this step. Using various additives from House and Garden Nutrients definitely will help the plant grows well. But without proper fertilization, the growth still won’t be optimum.

Add Organic Matter

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To make your plants grow even healthier, you can combine House and Garden Nutrients with some organic matter such as compost. There are so many great benefits you can get from compost. First of all, it is very cheap and you can even make it on your own yard by piling up some fallen leaves. Secondly, organic matter will improve the condition of any soil and it will help the fertilizer to become more effective.
When you use light fertilizing technique, you can simply add some compost on the top to produce more crops and to keep the soil moist. This is possible because organic material will bind all the nutrients in the soil together by keeping the soil moist so all the good nutrients can be directly supplied to the plants.

Provide 15 Essential Nutrients

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Nutrients are really important for plants and how well the plants grow will depend on the amount of nutrients they get from the soil. There are 15 kinds of nutrients your plants need and 3 of them (Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon) are provided by nature through photosynthesis process. It means we as the gardener only need to provide 12 nutrients. They are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Calcium, and 6 other micronutrients.

Unfortunately, soil can lose its natural nutrients due to some factors such as weather changes, exhausted soil or improper treatment. This is where House and Garden Nutrients play its role. The additives will provide the nutrients your plants need so you can grow plenty of crops in the harvest day.