Granite Kitchen Table Care and Maintenance Guide

Most people choose granite kitchen table for they think it is the easiest to take care. It is indeed true. Granite is relatively resistant to stains and heat. However, still granite requires special maintenance. The right care maintenance would keep the granite shinny and stay last longer. There are some tricks to take care of granite well.

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Consider its natural features

The biggest thing we should consider while taking care granite is its natural features. Both the natural granite and granite with synthetic surface need special care to keep the surface looks shinny. If your granite kitchen table has diamond-like hardness, we have to more careful with abrasive cleaner. Even the diamond-like hardness granite seems to be harder than any kind of granite, it is relatively less resistant to heat. It would be still okay when some hot ingredients accidentally split to the granite counter top, but it may cause you some problem if you have the granite table near the stove, oven, or fireplaces. It may crack after some period of time.

The Right Cleaner

People commonly thought that granite can stand on any kind of cleaner. In fact, it cannot. We should avoid any abrasive cleaner such as detergent, fabric bleacher, or even natural bleacher such as lime juice or vinegar. These cleaners would damage the surface of the granite, especially when you have a granite kitchen table with synthetic finish.
The best cleaner to clean granite is warm water with a little mild dis-washing liquid. The warm water would help remove the stains and stubborn spots, meanwhile the dish-washing liquid would help remove oil, fat, or any other ingredients that may stick and smell bad. To wash the granite, we first have to remove the solid material that may scratch the granite. Then, apply the warm water and dish-washing liquid with soft cloth. At last, clean the dish-washing liquid with water and dry it again with soft cloth.

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Things to Avoid

Besides how to clean the granite kitchen table well, it is also important for us to know several things that needs to be avoided. First, we should avoid using any cleaning product contains acid and abrasive material. Any type of acid, even the natural one, would scratch or damage the color permanently. Second, we should never put anything heavy and sharp on the counter top. Too heavy stuffs would crack the surface. It can even break when the temperature raises. Meanwhile, the sharp stuffs such as scissors or knives would make permanent scratch. Third, we should never put any hot stuffs directly on the granite counter top. The heat may lead to discoloration. So, if you like drinking hot tea or coffee you can put the pot and the cup with some clothes or anything to protect the granite. At last, we should never let any soap, even the mild dish-washing that is allowed to apply to granite, stick too long. Granite is able to attract soap scum, therefore we have to clean the soap with warm water to make sure the soap is completely removed.

Consider Sealed Granite

This is for you who would like to have natural granite kitchen table. You cannot expose the naked granite to your kitchen. It would discoloration faster than you thought. It is true that we can always clean the granite, but the best way to maintain it is to protect it well. It is suggested for you to get the granite sealed. It is quite easy; you can just choose the granite with glossy finish. The glossy finish would not only make the granite shinier. It would also make it more resistant to stains and even higher temperature. You do not have to worry too much when you accidentally put hot kitchen utensils or split hot ingredients to the table.

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