Fascinating Ideas of Industrial Kitchen Lighting

industrial kitchen

Lighting plays important role in every kitchen but industrial kitchen lighting can be perfect option for a number of reasons. Lighting pendant with industrial style most likely has simple design and it serves important detail in this cooking area. Kitchen commonly does not require too much decorations and it is suitable with the simplicity of this pendant. Besides, this kind of lighting becomes great decoration to hang over the kitchen island. It is really suitable to complement the compact and functional design of an island. Industrial lighting is quite versatile to complement various kitchen designs including contemporary and classical. It also comes in wide variety of designs so that you have abundance options.

Add it into vintage kitchen

industrial kitchen lighting3Industrial kitchen lighting works well with kitchen with vintage style. This combination offers fresh textural beauty which is different with common vintage kitchens. In this design, you can use different types of materials for the wall such as brick, tiles, and concrete. Brick walls actually match the best if you want to go with vintage design in the kitchen. This type of brick walls will strengthen the vintage look especially if you combine it with furniture or decorations made from exposed steel and appropriate flooring type. Wooden floors from bright to dark pattern are perfect to create vintage look. You can add another element which can accentuate this design such as by using tiles. This tile material can be used to make a captivating kitchen backsplash. Moreover, the options of industrial kitchen lighting to complement this look are endless. Industrial pendant made from stainless steel is good to be placed above small kitchen island. For old look, you can use hanging lamp with lampshade made from black iron. Bronze lampshade also serves as good option for every kitchen with vintage style. If you are looking for another interesting alternative, you can try to use copper lampshade to add the beauty of vintage in the kitchen.

Use it as part of modern kitchen

industrial kitchen lightingApplying industrial look in the modern kitchen means that you need to combine both modern and edgy look. This combination will give you very beautiful kitchen and to spice it up you only need to add or remove industrial decorations based on your preference. Modern kitchen commonly emphasizes on simple and sleek look. It also offers glossy surfaces on various kitchen furnishings. Hence, you need to select types of industrial kitchen lighting that can support that main look. Small lighting fixtures with slender lampshades not only add aesthetic but also make the kitchen look ergonomics which is suitable with modern style. Several small lamp pendants with curvy lampshade from glass materials which hang in different heights above the kitchen island is perfect choice since they do not only brighten the working area but also happen to be good decorations on kitchen with modern style. If you want to have main source of light in the kitchen, a single large hanging lamp with dark lampshade can be great idea to place over the kitchen island.