Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas and How to Incorporate Them to the Overall Design

dark kitchen cabinets If you want to give more luxurious and magnificent touch to your kitchen, it is best to use dark kitchen cabinets. Dark cabinets can make the kitchen looks cleaner and more expensive. But to tell you the truth, dark color is not created for the kitchen. It can be good for bedroom, or maybe a large living room. Kitchen is different. It will look better with some sparks of bright and vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, or if you prefer something soft, white can be a good option.
But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use dark color for kitchen. Black and brown can do some good for your kitchen too. But you need to be very careful. Kitchen is a place where you need a lot of concentration and the design of the room can influence you in so many ways. Putting too much dark tends to make people gloomy and sleepy. You need to mix and match the dark color thoroughly so you will still feel energized even though the ambience is dark and calm. If you want to incorporate dark in your kitchen, it is best to apply it the cabinetry. If you want to know how to design your kitchen with black cabinetry and how to balance it with the overall design, here are some tips to help you.

dark kitchen cabinets
Create Contrast

It is unwise to only apply dark color in the kitchen. To spice up the decoration, you need to create contrast. Since your main goal is to have some beautiful dark kitchen cabinets, you can use black for the cabinetry. After that, you must think of a way to create contrasting color in the other components in the kitchen. Here are some ideas to create contrast in your dark kitchen.

1. Use Marble Countertops

Marble is always a good idea. Not only because of the sturdiness of the material, but because it has unique black patterns that will go well with the dark cabinetry. Choose polished white marbles for the island top and the countertops and you will have a beautiful contrast for the dark cabinets.

2. Use Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Splash some professional nuance to your kitchen by placing stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. Stainless steel possesses a modern vibe that will complement the majestic black cabinets positively.

3. Let the Room be White

To contrast the look of the dark kitchen cabinets, let the other components in the kitchen be white. Ivory white granite floor will reflect the brightness of white LED light and make the kitchen appears bigger. White tiles above the stove and white window frame will create distinctive look in your kitchen.

Dark Doesn’t Always Mean Black

You don’t have to stick to black all the time to create sophisticated dark kitchen cabinets. Red wood or dark brown wood will do too. In fact, it is easier to blend brown to the overall design. It is also less intimidating than black. Now, if you have decided to use brown for the cabinets, you can do these tips to complement its look.

1. Use Black Kitchen Appliances

Black stove, oven and microwaves will act as the catalyst to alleviate the overall design. The brown cabinet will make the kitchen look warm and inviting, but the touch of black appliances will give additional luxurious style to the kitchen.

2. Use Other Shades of Brown

Apply the brown not only to the cabinetry, but also to the walls and floor. Soft colored wooden floor will make your kitchen feels warm. Add various colors of brown tiles for the wall to make the kitchen looks more cheerful.

Monochromatic at Its Best

Using only black and white is the ultimate challenge in designing dark kitchen. But if you managed to do it, you will have the most beautiful kitchen in the world. Achieve this look by incorporating glossy black to all the cabinetry, furniture and even the floor. Remember, glossy is the key. It will make your kitchen look modern and stylish.
Combine the black with stainless steel door handle and kitchen appliances. Don’t forget to paint the wall white to create some beautiful contrast. Playing with light and glossy furniture is the key in designing the best dark kitchen cabinets.