Black Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas and Tips for A Cooking Enthusiast

black kitchen cabinets

A kitchen should be perfectly designed to fulfill your cooking needs. The kitchen should be functional as well as decorating. A set of black kitchen cabinets can be a great idea to build modern and practical but warm kitchen. There are some tips and ideas to build a perfect kitchen with black cabinets.
A young and dynamic black kitchen
For you who like a young and dynamic kitchen to cook, black cabinet can be a great option. Jason Ball, an interior designer suggests classic and fresh style to reflect your young heart. His idea is applicable both for large and limited spaced kitchen as long as it is possible for us to build the ceiling higher. The high ceiling would not only add up extra space and air circulation, it would also make your kitchen fresh. It would be perfect if you choose neutral color such as beige, lilac, broken white, and crème instead of white. These neutral colors are not too bright, but they are still light and go with black.


The black kitchen cabinets with traditional with raised panel style are the best idea to furnish the kitchen. Though the design is quite classic, the black color would make it look younger and fresher. The classic design is also easy to combine with various kind material for the counter top. For example, you can choose semi–gloss finish to add a little glamour touch. For limited space, it would be perfect if you choose pullout cabinet drawer and install wire basket in the corner of the kitchen to add extra storage. In this kitchen you can easily reach kitchen utensils and even display some utensils to decorate the kitchen. You can just cook at any time you want. You can also have some bar stools around the kitchen island so you do not have to place a dining table in your kitchen.

Minimalist Black Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen can also be a great idea for cooking enthusiast. It is relatively flexible to decorate and arrange a minimalist kitchen due to any cooking habits. The black kitchen cabinets would be perfect to warm up the minimalist and modern kitchen style. To fit the minimalist style, a simple wooden cabinet is a perfect idea. You can choose a simple door with simple black handle and inserted glass. The modern and simple handle would leave us a great modern decoration. Meanwhile, the inserted glass makes us easier to look into the cabinet without opening it.
For the cabinet over the counter tops, the open rack black kitchen cabinets can be the best option. The open rack leaves us extra space to access the cooking utensils and cooking ingredients while we are cooking. It is also more practical since we can store some cooking ingredients such as fruits, some vegetables, or herbs without making it humid. To improve the open rack cabinets, you can place some wire baskets or wire racks.
To add warmer and chic look, applying chalk pain to the outside of the cabinet can be a great idea. The non-glossy effect of the chalk paint would create a perfect balance to silver colors and metal material of most kitchen utensils and appliance. However, you have to make sure that you have some times to clean the dust and clean dirt that may attach to the chalk paint surface. You should also dry any liquid that splits to the chalk paint surface. The chalk paint is a little easier to be scratched or get permanent marks.

Lighting effects

The black kitchen cabinets have strong dark color that requires you to pay more attention to the lighting. You have to pay attention to both the natural and electrical lights. It is suggested for you to provide enough access to the natural lights, especially through windows, door, or other ventilation. Besides it would provide enough access to the natural lights, it would also improve the air circulation and keep the temperature down while you are cooking. However, you should avoid building windows or ventilation across your stove. The wind may affect the fire and blow the gas in some cases.
Meanwhile, the electrical lighting is also important. It would be the main solution to illuminate your kitchen in the night time as well as to improve the atmosphere of your kitchen and dining room. A bright enough tone-colored lighting would be perfect for the main lighting. You can choose a decorative hanging fixture for the high ceiling. The hanging fixture would help the lamp to light the kitchen well and to decorate it.

To give some romantic touch and to light the black kitchen cabinets, a little attached fixture can be installed in the corner of kitchen back splash or even inside the cabinet especially the cabinet that comes with open rack. You can also add some hanging fixture with warm tone color over the kitchen island or the counter top, especially if you have a large kitchen.